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Claims Post

Notice: The mods will no longer be sending invitations for you to join the Fanart50.  Join by clicking the link on the community's info page and wait for us to approve you*.

*I'm usually on-line everyday, so chances are very great that you'll be approved the same day you join the community.

In effect as of: 11/01/06

[The Lowdown]

The directory is generally alphabetized by characters' first names (unless it makes sense to list it a different way). General art, eras, themes, or teams are usually first, then individuals, and then pairings. If your character is commonly known by his/her last name, that's cool too. The slash mark "/" means some of the work might depict the romantic relationship between characters (aka "slashing"). If the relationship is completely not sexual (i.e. platonic or family, friendship, coworkers, etc), I can use "&" between characters -- just let me know which is appropriate by listing them that way in your claim.
To our lovely viewers: You can see the art posted for each character or prompt in tag format by going to the Tag List.

[The Claims Masterlist]
Due to its length the list has been broken into three parts:

A thru H,    I thru R,    S thru Z

[Sign Up]
To sign up for this challenge, post a comment here. Read the rules in the user info and post a comment here with your claim. Include:

1. Fandom.
2. Your claim. (Characters' full names preferred, but you can use what makes most sense in your fandom.)
3. URL address of your progress chart, prompt table, or tracking method. (Optional)
4. URL address of your art site if you'd like to show off your other work. (Optional)

You must be an approved member to have posting access. All you need do is join the community and wait for approval. (Read the Notice above.) When your claim is accepted, you will receive a comment notification. Your comment will eventually be deleted to keep track of who's awaiting approval.

** Please note that the [info]fanart50 prompt table and methods are free and open for any user or community to use or modify in their own journals. But if you would like to be on the waiting list to be added to the Directory above, sign up below.

Need to update your links?  Want to drop or add a claim?  Please leave a comment here!  Make sure you state in your comment which claim you currently have, so the mod knows what to search for in the Directory!  ^^
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