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Fanart 50

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Choose a fandom, draw 50 pieces of fanart based on a prompt table.

Welcome to fanart50!  We are the lighter version of fanart100, which means that instead of 100 prompts there are only 50, but the amount of artistic creativity remains limitless.

Quick Links
Tags ||| Directory50/Join ||| Prompts ||| Q&A

[How It Works]

1. Have a claim in mind for which you will create your art.  It can be from any fandom - a show, a movie, a book, an anime, or a manga - and of any subject - a character, a pairing, or a theme.

2. Stake your claim here, at the Directory50.

3. Your mod, Carbonated Water, will approve your claim by adding you to the Directory50.

3. Using these prompts, complete your claim!


[Posting Artwork]

* You may use old art or draw something new. 
* Your pictures may be anything from a doodle to finished, full-color artwork.
* We do not host your images. Please use a link or an image tag to show your work.
* You don't need to post all your pieces at once--you can post them individually, in groups, in whatever order you like.
* There is no time frame in which you must complete your claim.  Take your time.  ^^

When you make a post, put the name of your claim in the subject line.
In addition, include:

(to your table and/or art site)
Author's Notes: (disclose spoilers and squick warnings, please)

Important:  You must LJ-cut, link, or thumbnail the art; otherwise, the entry will be deleted.

*You are not required to do your own tags; but if you could, it would be much appreciated.  If you choose to tag your own entries, please use the name of the fandom from which your claim comes.  For example, if your claim is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, your tag will be "harry potter."  If you are unsure about what your tag should be called, consult the community's Tags List.



The answers to our most popular questions are located at the Q&A post. If your concern hasn't been addressed, don't hesitate to post a comment to that post.



This community is the brainchild of coell. It is now maintained by carbonatedh2o, whose responsibility is to approve memberships, update the Directory, and answer questions.

Contact carbonatedh2o at carbonatedwater84@yahoo.com with only the most urgent messages, please.

Our moderator, azure_reverie, has the task of editing the community's tags.  If you have any questions concerning tags, she's the one to ask!  ^^


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*Drop a comment if you'd like to see yours listed above. Lastly, a big thanks to  vyvolat_hokej and anyone else who pimps this community!


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